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The Ultimate Functional Training Machine.

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Frog Fitness Inc. created The Frog. The Frog revolutionized functional fitness training by allowing a person to perform traditional fitness movements while providing constant time under tension in the horizontal plane. This allowed premier athletes, pro teams, and top fitness trainers to take their training to the next level. The BullFrog is the newest version of The Frog and is now available to fitness worldwide. The same movements are available, but the BullFrog allows you to perform them with greater efficiency. The machine is better and we have reduced the price to allow more people to enjoy the benefits of time under tension training on The BullFrog.

Def:  Time Under Tension (TUT)

Time under tension (TUT) refers to the amount of time a muscle is held under tension or strain during an exercise set. During TUT workouts, you lengthen each phase of the movement to make your sets longer. The idea is that this forces your muscles to work harder and optimizes muscular strength, endurance, and growth.

BullFrog Case

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5509 Louetta Rd., Suite C, Spring, TX. USA


(281) 729-9985

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