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    Fitness goals must be set if you want to succeed.

    Getting Serious – Six Surefire Ways to Achieve your Fitness Goals

    Let’s be real. Getting into the gym can be tough. There’s time commitments, financial commitments, dieting commitments, motivational commitments, etc. Even the effort it takes to simply move the weights or sweat it out on the treadmill is a huge consideration to make. But, once you’ve gotten yourself to a place mentally where you’re ready...
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    Plan your lifestyle for a ketogenic diet

    Ketosis: A simple plan for serious results

    Chances are if you use any form of social media in 2017 you’ve likely seen or heard SOME reference to a Keto diet. Keto, or short for Ketosis, is the body’s natural process of producing Ketones, which are used to break down fats in the liver. This metabolic state (Ketosis) is achieved relatively easily by...
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    Choosing a diet and making a habit

    Healthy Diets vs. Healthy Habits

    Diet is defined as the sum of food and drink that an individual habitually consumes. DietING, however, is the practice of attempting to achieve or maintain a certain weight THROUGH diet. When we’ve finally gotten real with the person in the mirror and set our goals, we generally tend to start with diet. Maybe join...
Frog Fitness made it into Shero Fitness

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    Strongman Competitor 2016

    The Frog at the Tampa Bay Strongman Classic 2016!

    The Tampa Bay Strongman Classic took place on a gorgeous sunny day with a cool fall breeze. It was the kind of day Floridians long for all year long. A perfect day for competition at Quaker Steak and Lube in Clearwater, Florida. Donnie Kiernan founded The Tampa Bay Strongman Classic in 2011 after he returned...
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    Frog Fitness Travels to Louisiana

    The Tigers Meet The Frog

    When I heard that we had the opportunity to demonstrate The Frog to legendary strength and conditioning coach, Tommy Moffitt of Louisiana State University, it’s an understatement to say that I was a bit “geeked out”. In strength circles, Coach Moffitt, is renowned for mentoring a long line of impressive coaches whom have gone on...
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    American Fit Expo from Frog Fitness Live Testimonials

    American Fit Expo

    We started to get worried as we heard that many of the title sponsors were backing out of the event due to inclimate weather. The Houston area had been flooding off and on for the past few weeks so nobody really knew what the turnout would be for this first time event called The American...
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