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    The Truths about Ketosis as told by Joel Metzger

    The Truth About Ketosis

    “Fats are bad and carbs are good!” For many years, this myth has been so widely thought true that those of us from the last generation feel as though it were tattooed upon our brains. Today, as we walk down the grocery aisles we still recognize its influence in the remaining “Fat Free” product labels....
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    Woman stuffing her face with a Hamburger

    Never Put Your Calories on a Credit Card!

    Do you wish to live a healthier lifestyle? Begin to give the same consideration to what you eat that you give to your finances! In today’s world, we all recognize how easy it is to purchase things we want “right now” with our all too handy plastic credit cards. Doing so, most certainly provides immediate...
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    Mike Otwell writes about the Art and Science of a Tri-Athlete

    Art and Science of the Triathlete

    Triathlon is a very unique sport. Not only does it place a high demand on the mental aptitude of its athletes (being an individual sport at race time), but it also constantly requires a high level of performance in training across three separate sports, which include the swim, bike, and run. The physical and mental...
Louisiana State University visit by Frog Fitness
Houston Texans Jadeveon Clowney meets with Frog Fitness
Frog Fitness Featured on KHOU Houston
Athletes from the Tampa Bay Storm try out The Frog

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