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In everyday life, fitness goals vary per individual depending on personal preferences or a chosen sport. Service members must develop and maintain overall physical fitness in preparation to defend our nation. For you performing to the best of your ability can be the difference between life and death. There is no greater cause for optimal health and fitness.

The Frog optimizes fitness in every crucial area required to develop peak performance. You, the service member must be prepared to face demanding challenges with enhanced overall health, while maintaining a satisfactory appearance always. You require a progressive fitness plan which allows you to perform well during participation in unit physical fitness training and during standard fitness evaluations as well as the ever-looming possibility of battlefield rigors.

Some of the main components of functional fitness readiness are:

The Frog offers a complete TOTAL BODY workout in the fastest time possible making it a perfect addition to your daily training program. It places emphasis on these key components, superior speed, power, strength, flexibility, endurance, overall combat readiness, and reduction of injuries.

The Frog will assist in facilitating your overall goals as the only “one and done” functional fitness machine currently available which offers training exercises specifically related to the seven functional movements of a superior training regimen:

High Resistance Superman (Horizontal Position)

Bent Over Rows (Vertical Position) or Low Resistance Superman (Horizontal Position)

Core Killers (Horizontal Position)

Leapers (Horizontal Position) or Squats (Vertical Position)

Lunge (Vertical Position) or Simulated Lunge Leaper (Horizontal Position)

Oblique Leaper or Oblique Core Killer (Horizontal Position) or Torso Twists (Vertical Position)

Core Killers (Horizontal Position) or Stiff Leg Deadlifts (Vertical Position)

A military fitness program must consider three specific phases encountered by every active duty Service member; Pre-Deployment, Deployment and Post-Deployment. THE FROG offers portability as well as rehabilitative features unmatched by any other fitness training device currently on the market.

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