Football Players are Frogging...

At Frog Fitness we understand that it is your job as football coaches to develop better performing athletes while reducing the possibility of injury. Your athlete’s already fall within the top 1%, still you are tasked with finding and creating innovative tactics to improve the best of the best. We know it is your job to make sure they master the kind of top level physical performance which allows them to win games consistently week after week.

The Frog is the PERFECT addition to your training regimen. Why?

After interviewing successful coaches; three unique features of The Frog stand out:

Football is a physically demanding sport requiring the same movements and utilization of energy offered by the mechanical movements of The FROG. The mechanics of The Frog in a horizontal position teach a football athlete how to properly use their energy when they are back vertical.

Coach Geimont Strength and Conditioning Coach of the world famous Pittsburgh Steelers describes The Frog as being like a “Shoelace”! “On the football field you look around and everyone is wearing fancy cleats, but what happens when you have all of those same athletes remove the shoelaces? Suddenly the cleats no longer add to the game. It’s the same principle with the Frog… it helps tie everything together you are trying to achieve from a Strength and Conditioning standpoint to make your athlete better.”

The possibility of injury is an everyday fact of life in football. Coaches are interested in equipment which offers rehabilitative capabilities to go along with strength and conditioning. The Frog offers safe movement patterns while decreasing the risk of injury.

“It is one of the most unique pieces of equipment out there to stabilize through the midsection and fire the core musculature while going through a hip extension movement.”

Ted Rath Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Miami Dolphins.

Coaches wear many hats when it comes to creating a winning football team. You have to be experts in motivating players at half-time when the game is on the line, after a rough loss, and in the off season. Coaches at every level of the game understand that team-building is crucial to creating a winning environment.

Add the “Fun Factor” to your training system by locking in the hubs and racing multiple Frogs!

“The best way to motivate players is to make something competitive! The Frog offers that competitive edge”

New Orleans Saints Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Dan Dalrymple

“The Frog breeds a competitive spirit!”

Ted Rath Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Miami Dolphins.

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Ted Rath from the Miami Dolphins praises The Frog

Dan Dalrymple from the Saints speaks about The Frog.

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