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Clark Bartram and Joel Metzger both have vast experience in the fitness and training field of knowledge, which makes them uniquely qualified to be our top two post contributors. Clark offers years of fitness industry interactions to the Frog Fitness team, while Joel provides more of the scientific approach to his blogs based on his educational accomplishments and experiences as a personal trainer. Stay tuned and be ready to leap into the Frog Pond!

Understanding different Body Types will help you train effectively

Do our body types play a role in how we should diet? The answer may surprise you. It’s one-part art form, one-part gamble, and one-part science. Some of us live on a diet, others diet to reach a certain number on the scale or to see a specific change in the mirror. There are loads

Running begins with human movement then to human performance followed by athletic performance

Want to start running?

Human movement before human performance before athletic performance. I know this sounds like gibberish but think about it: there are way too many people, athletes, and (even scarier) coaches who want to skip parts of this progression. Most people realize that we need to prioritize human performance before athletic performance, but it’s disturbing the number

Fitness goals must be set if you want to succeed.

Let’s be real. Getting into the gym can be tough. There’s time commitments, financial commitments, dieting commitments, motivational commitments, etc. Even the effort it takes to simply move the weights or sweat it out on the treadmill is a huge consideration to make. But, once you’ve gotten yourself to a place mentally where you’re ready

Plan your lifestyle for a ketogenic diet

Chances are if you use any form of social media in 2017 you’ve likely seen or heard SOME reference to a Keto diet. Keto, or short for Ketosis, is the body’s natural process of producing Ketones, which are used to break down fats in the liver. This metabolic state (Ketosis) is achieved relatively easily by

Choosing a diet and making a habit

Healthy Diets vs. Healthy Habits

Diet is defined as the sum of food and drink that an individual habitually consumes. DietING, however, is the practice of attempting to achieve or maintain a certain weight THROUGH diet. When we’ve finally gotten real with the person in the mirror and set our goals, we generally tend to start with diet. Maybe join

Committing yourself to a change is a big deal. How Committed are you?

We’ve all got it: those few extra pounds we wish we didn’t. In a day and age where “body positivity” is being thrown around as a defense for obesity, it’s almost taboo to even touch on. But let’s face it – most of us are overweight, and all the trends are only pointing away from

Jack and Jill take The Frog up the Hill

Jack & Jill Tried The Frog

Let’s face it…The Frog is challenging for most every person who has ever had the nerve to get on it and really give it a shot, and it seems that our 100 yard Frog Challenge has only been completed by one person so far. Why then would anyone want to make it even harder than

The Truths about Ketosis as told by Joel Metzger

The Truth About Ketosis

“Fats are bad and carbs are good!” For many years, this myth has been so widely thought true that those of us from the last generation feel as though it were tattooed upon our brains. Today, as we walk down the grocery aisles we still recognize its influence in the remaining “Fat Free” product labels.

Woman stuffing her face with a Hamburger

Do you wish to live a healthier lifestyle? Begin to give the same consideration to what you eat that you give to your finances! In today’s world, we all recognize how easy it is to purchase things we want “right now” with our all too handy plastic credit cards. Doing so, most certainly provides immediate

Mike Otwell writes about the Art and Science of a Tri-Athlete

Triathlon is a very unique sport. Not only does it place a high demand on the mental aptitude of its athletes (being an individual sport at race time), but it also constantly requires a high level of performance in training across three separate sports, which include the swim, bike, and run. The physical and mental

Healthy Nutrition is the key to a better body

Over the years my opinion as to how much proper nutrition plays a role living in a lean healthy body has changed. I used to tell people that “eating clean” was 70% of the equation, then later it rose to 80% and now that I have a better understanding of the importance of proper nutrition

Clark Bartram Advises on how to make good decisions

I’ve traveled the globe speaking to people about health and fitness and living in their healthiest bodies and no matter where I am I see one common thread….most people, unfortunately, do not take care of themselves! It’s a fact… especially here in the US where we have EVERYTHING available to us, both good and bad.

Which Muscle Groups should I work? All of them? One of them?

Integration VS Isolation

It seems the fitness industry is full of opinions, experts and programs that are suggesting one modality over another. Machines or free weights? Fasted morning cardio or traditional treadmill? Sets and reps? Isolation or Integration exercises? How deep to squat? The arguments and confusion seem to have no end and it’s very easy to see

Upset woman on scale that is unhappy with her weight while standing on a scale

Perfect Doesn’t Exist

Our western culture has really messed a lot of people up, especially as it relates to “what is healthy.” Nearly every magazine cover, Instagram model, celebrity diet or fitness fad has many thinking that health is about looking a certain way and that couldn’t be the furthest thing from then truth as far as I’m

Choose your workout and fitness routine wisely

Start Right, Choose Wisely

Start Right, Choose Wisely, Fitness One at a Time, All things Considered Making fitness and health a priority is easy when it is your career. Their income becomes dependent on performance or physique. What about the non-athlete or non-fitness model? When making lifestyle changes they must be accommodating to the individual. NO, I am not

Clark Bartram explains the importance of hydration

Understanding Hydration

As a fitness professional, who is constantly preaching the benefits of water and proper hydration to my clients, I was shocked when I found myself passed out on my bathroom floor just a few short weeks ago. As I came to, and saw five fireman/paramedics standing over me in my bedroom I was in a