Hoppin’ Happenings at Frog Fitness – Past Events that you might have missed that we are bringing to you!

Frog Fitness is seen on Live TV on KHOU Houston
Sunday, 22 May 2016 / Published in Hoppin' Happenings

The Frog Fitness team is making splashes in Houston. KHOU Channel 11 news invited Frog Fitness to come demonstrate their unique piece of equipment everyone is raving about called The Frog. Richard Pearce, CEO and Steven Robledo, VP of Sales arrived at the station 7:00 am 5/21/16 with a Frog in hand.
Launching in February at IHRSA 2016 in Orlando the team has been nonstop, but super excited to announce a Grand Opening of their World Wide Headquarters in The Woodlands Texas and show Houstonians what TheNextBigThingInFitness is all about.
Jessica Cunningham is always on the lookout for the latest and greatest, it wasn’t hard to find Frog Fitness. Even though encountering some harsh setbacks with their building they are still set to open only two weeks behind schedule on June 2, 2016. While Richard explain the mechanisms of training The Frog has to offer, Steven demonstrated each main exercise in the horizontal plain. Jessica Cunningham was obviously impressed with The Frog, and how easily one can adjust the resistant bands. Multiple Pro Football team are just as impressed and have reached out to Frog Fitness to join their summer training camps. The latest is Jadeveon Clowney which sparked a new Frog Fitness challenge titled the Jadeveon 100-Yard Challenge where an individual must travel a 100 yards on the Frog without touching the center safety pad.

McGruff The Crime Dog at Ellsworth Air Force Base
Monday, 02 May 2016 / Published in Hoppin' Happenings

Serving Those Who Serve US

“You don’t have to ask us twice”, was the sentiment that both Richard Pearce (Frog CEO and Inventor) and myself felt the moment we were invited to Ellsworth AFB in South Dakota this past March.

Myself, being a former Marine, and Rich one of THE MOST patriotic people I know, are quick to jump at any opportunity to support our troops in anyway possible especially introducing them to The Next Big Thing In Fitness …The Frog!

The greeting was amazing, a 4 Star General, one of only 6 in the Air Force was there to greet us as were every other high ranking officer and enlisted men and women. We felt like celebrities and were treated to special privileges like sitting in the cockpit and climbing all over a B1 Bomber. Talking about acting like little boys, we crawled everywhere possible as our hosts looked on thinking , “Oh God, please don’t let anyone fall”!

Once the intros and fun was done it was time to get to work, First we addressed the crowd of over 3,00 enlisted and officers all excited to try The Frog. After I worked pretty hard to get the energy in the room as high as possible I introduced Richard where he opened his heart and explained that we were there strictly to give back and show them a way that we can help increase the fitness of everyone who would be willing enough to try The Frog.

As with most people who are being introduced to The Frog for the first time, they were a bit reluctant to HOP ON ( cute huh) but once they did…the smiles and excitement raised to an entirely different level.

We had races around the track and on the field at the same time. I was calling the races and honestly I felt like I was at Del Mar race track calling the pony’s …”we got the tall skinny guy making a move, but the big black guy is ahead by a nose” Hey, I was having fun too.

As we were thanked by everyone who attended We stood tall with pride joy in our hearts knowing that were in fact serving those who serve us. Being the generous and caring man he is Rich authorized that 3 Frogs be left in the base gym for daily use.

The event certainly won’t be our last as It’s very important to all of us here at Frog Fitness that we actively involved with events like this one. We will travel anywhere that any military institution or First Responders need us. That’s a promise!