Frog Fitness and Aldon Baker take on the Motocross Scene.

Motocross and Supercross require...

...superior levels of fitness. Competitors must be prepared to face constant danger knowing that once the gate drops there are no breaks, no sips of water, and no sideline huddles. Less than a single second per lap can mean the difference between standing on top of the podium and being lapped!

MotoCross and SuperCross DEMAND the use of every muscle in the body being taxed to their limit randomly and at times simultaneously stressing the cardiovascular system to its max. Training on the Frog transitions to the track when comparing the strength and endurance challenges a rider faces during even the most rigorous race. The Frog has been scientifically proven to be the single most effective total body training device ever invented. Making it an ideal addition to a rider’s daily strength and conditioning workout.

Aldon Baker stands behind Frog Fitness and the Athletes that it helps

“In our sport learning to dig deep, when you think you have nothing left, is what champions are made of and how I make my living! No other product can do to the human body in just 60 seconds what the Frog can to help you find that other gear you didn’t even know you had. For the last three years, I’ve been privileged to work closely with the CEO of Frog Fitness and lifelong racer and rider, Richard Pearce. With respect to our sport, he provided me an exclusive in return for my input during the development phase of this remarkable TOTAL BODY TRAINING DEVICE! It has been my secret weapon! I do consider the Frog to be my single most important training tool. Now the secret is out and the entire sports world is taking notice. The Frog provides the edge every rider is searching for! In my opinion, UNTIL YOU CAN RIDE YOUR LAST LAP AS FAST AS YOUR FIRST… save your money on motor and suspension mods and buy a FROG! ”
- Aldon Baker

Unpredictable Environments in Motocross by Frog Fitness

Trophies and sponsorships are every racers ultimate dream. The fastest riders can have their dreams crushed by one wrong move on the track. Reaction times are crucial in MX and SX. They are affected considerably by fatigue, the actions of other racers, and constantly changing track conditions throughout every race. When you maximize your reaction time then you increase you chance of winning substantially. While training on the FROG you will fatigue your muscles at the fastest possible rate teaching your body to adapt and recover more efficiently.

It is a well known fact that the majority of racers are battling some type of injury. Missing one race could be detrimental to a racers entire season. While nursing an injury it becomes difficult to maintain the strength and conditioning necessary to perform competitively. It's been proven scientifically that bands are ideal for post injury therapy by increasing joint stability. The FROG is equipped with a wide range of resistance band options that can be adapted to a riders individual requirements. Training on The FROG during the race season will help keep you in the front of the pack.

By Chasing Number One

Riders that enjoy their off track training carry an amazing morale throughout the year! Racers have an unmeasurable competitive drive that requires constant maintenance. With the internal clutch option the FROG has the ability to intensify off track competition taking advantage of your natural drive to win! Change the WHEEL HUBs to forward, then place multiple FROGs next to each other and you will instantly be inspired to dominate the race. Fatigue will expose the rider with the strongest drive within seconds. You will be crossing the finish line exhausted but with a smile. The FROG is FUN and MOTIVATING.