Taking the Frog up the Hill!

Jack & Jill Tried The Frog

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Jack and Jill take The Frog up the Hill

Let’s face it…The Frog is challenging for most every person who has ever had the nerve to get on it and really give it a shot, and it seems that our 100 yard Frog Challenge has only been completed by one person so far. Why then would anyone want to make it even harder than it already is?

Well, I guess I just enjoy a challenge. After Joel Metzger and I Frogged up the banks of the Mississippi I’ve been obsessed of taking my Frog and training with it anywhere I can, almost like “Where’s Waldo”. I’ve Frogged in multiple States and also in Hong Kong and Mainland China but when I took it up this long ass hill, I quickly realized I may have bit off more than I could chew.

One day while driving west on the 78 Freeway in Vista California I noticed a rather long and steep hill and quickly thought to myself, “I’m gonna Frog up that”! A few days later there I was and quickly thought to myself, “why am I here”? Me and my buddy Tony put the Frog together and off I went up the 275 yard 45% incline.

From the first extension I realized how challenging this hill idea actually was. It takes so much more focused effort because you don’t want the wheels to slide, you have to move steadily, slowly and carefully. All of this taxes your body probably 10X more than on a flat surface.

The beauty of the hill challenge is every single one is different and that makes the opportunities for challenging workouts endless…it’s just really a matter of how challenging you want to make your workout.

I’ve been steadily using The Frog for about 7 months now and no two workouts have been the same, and realizing that hills are an option and hard as hell…it only excites me even more excited to find unique and challenging ways to use my Frog.

When Jack & Jill went up the hill they were fetching a pail of water. When I went up the hill on The Frog I was searching for that same pale, plus some oxygen, and a ride back down.