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    Deborah Nolin talks about how Frog Fitness is changing her life.

    How Frog Fitness is Changing my Life!

    When we surround ourselves with encouraging motivated people it is amazing how it transforms our thoughts and actions! I’ve known Richard Pearce, Frog Fitness Inventor/CEO, since high school. He was the best man in my wedding. He went out of his way to do special things for everyone he cared about and was especially kind...
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    Jack and Jill take The Frog up the Hill

    Jack & Jill Tried The Frog

    Let’s face it…The Frog is challenging for most every person who has ever had the nerve to get on it and really give it a shot, and it seems that our 100 yard Frog Challenge has only been completed by one person so far. Why then would anyone want to make it even harder than...
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    The Truths about Ketosis as told by Joel Metzger

    The Truth About Ketosis

    “Fats are bad and carbs are good!” For many years, this myth has been so widely thought true that those of us from the last generation feel as though it were tattooed upon our brains. Today, as we walk down the grocery aisles we still recognize its influence in the remaining “Fat Free” product labels....
Frog Fitness made it into Shero Fitness

What's the Latest Hoppin' Happening?

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    Strongman Competitor 2016

    The Frog at the Tampa Bay Strongman Classic 2016!

    The Tampa Bay Strongman Classic took place on a gorgeous sunny day with a cool fall breeze. It was the kind of day Floridians long for all year long. A perfect day for competition at Quaker Steak and Lube in Clearwater, Florida. Donnie Kiernan founded The Tampa Bay Strongman Classic in 2011 after he returned...
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    Frog Fitness Travels to Louisiana

    The Tigers Meet The Frog

    When I heard that we had the opportunity to demonstrate The Frog to legendary strength and conditioning coach, Tommy Moffitt of Louisiana State University, it’s an understatement to say that I was a bit “geeked out”. In strength circles, Coach Moffitt, is renowned for mentoring a long line of impressive coaches whom have gone on...
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    American Fit Expo from Frog Fitness Live Testimonials

    American Fit Expo

    We started to get worried as we heard that many of the title sponsors were backing out of the event due to inclimate weather. The Houston area had been flooding off and on for the past few weeks so nobody really knew what the turnout would be for this first time event called The American...
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