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Frog Fitness Travels to Louisiana

When I heard that we had the opportunity to demonstrate The Frog to legendary strength and conditioning coach, Tommy Moffitt of Louisiana State University, it’s an understatement to say that I was a bit “geeked out”. In strength circles, Coach Moffitt, is renowned for mentoring a long line of impressive coaches whom have gone on to achieve great things in D1 programs and the NFL.

At LSU, we drove on to the humid campus, where we made our way to the indoor practice facility and quickly assembled five Frogs for our demonstration. The coach had exactly one hour for us, which required we move fast. Luckily, as we have demonstrated time and time again, all we really need is one body and 60 seconds. Our experience with the LSU Tigers would not be any different. I will admit however, we were surrounded by “Alpha Male” energy as Coach Moffitt and his impressive crew walked across the practice field towards us. It could have easily been a scene out of an old western movie with us on one side and them on the other . I’m certain we were all wondering what the outcome would be.

As Ed Gardner finished the obligatory introductions, without hesitation, I jumped on The Frog and assumed the FHE (Full Horizontal Extension) position and started to explain and demonstrate our “4 Core Movements”.

  • Superman’s
  • Leapers
  • Core Killers
  • Mojo’s

Then, I jumped up and adjusted the clutch for forward movement. Kerry and I took off across the field from sideline to sideline to demonstrate how quickly The Frog facilitates competition. This being exactly what every football program (or any sport for that matter) needs and requires.

On the other side of the field, the Frog crew took over putting the coaches, all former D1 or professional athletes, on The Frog. The bravado quickly wore off as exhaustion set in. Folded arms opened up and the energy on the field united as Coach Moffitt and his staff immediately recognized how effective a tool The Frog truly is. By now, they all understood it was capable of assisting their program to the next level.

Intelligent questions started flying and our resident kinesiologist, Joel Metzger, answered like the trained professional that he is. Positive energy flowing, the focus turned to the athletes as they began to walk in for their morning session. One coach said, “Let’s get Harris on this thing man, he is a beast!” Of course, the Frog team knew what the LSU team didn’t quite yet, that every “beast” that we’ve encountered has been exposed, but in a good way that will only make them better, stronger, further conditioned, and a better more fit and prepared part of the overall unit.

After 60 short or long seconds (depending on whether you are the one on The Frog), Harris slowly got up and said. “Coach, please don’t buy these man, that shit is brutal!” Unfortunately, much to the dismay of their players, those are the words every strength and conditioning coach wants to hear.

Five Frogs now exist in a den of Tigers! This is a battle that The Frog will win over and over again, every place we go!

Geaux Tigers, may your players outlast their opponents every play at every game and may your season end undefeated! You now have a tool that no other SEC school possesses, but only for now, so take advantage of it while you can!

LSU Tigers give The Frog a GO!

Demonstrated in the Vertical Position

Kerry Huston from Frog Fitness

Ironman Trainer and Frog Fitness Sales

Clark Bartram at LSU

President of Frog Fitness and Fitness Icon